What Are The Mystical Perfumes?

Quite simply, mystical perfumes are those that elicit an emotional response from the wearer.

Fragrances are an emotional extension of ourselves and this includes the mystical parts of us that are even a mystery to ourselves. Perfumes have the sublime power to reveal this part of our souls to us.

Perfumes have been steeped in mysticism since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt, frankincense and myrrh were burned to address, commune with, and honor the gods.

This is where the idea of scents being formulated as a means of evoking that sacred space between the five senses came into being.

Similarly in both Vedic India and in Buddhism, the sense of smell was also believed to be a way to feel the presence of the gods.

It was felt that fragrant molecules had the capability to rise to the realms of heaven. In Hebrew mysticism, it has long been taught that while all senses have the ability to give pleasure to the body, it’s the sense of smell that gives pleasure to the soul.

Fragrance is mystical because it heightens our senses and is believed to have the power to give the wearer an out-of-body experience by simply immersing oneself and inhaling the perfume so that the molecular body and mystical soul can mingle and converge.

Let go and allow the aroma to what it does through seminal stillness.

Liquides Imaginaires Philosophy

Liquides Imaginaires created luxuriously sublime and ethereal scents as a portal to the imaginary world. The fragrance brand takes perfumes back to its ancient roots so that they can mingle with mystical energy.

Liquides Imaginaires pays tribute to the original perfume story because it’s in the conceptual story of perfume that we can understand its past and bring forth its relevance to the present.

The brand believes perfumes are akin to poetry because of their power to evoke various states of mind.

Perfumes are a portal for awakening the spiritual realm that lives inside all of us — inside the imagination that longs to be unlocked so that it can speak to us our true desires and mission for this lifetime.

Perfume is liquid matter that mingles within our very essence.

What’s the meaning of Mystical?

Un image de Fortis, le nouvelle parfum de Liquides Imaginaires

The mystical refers to a mysterious reality that can not be communicated through the senses or to the intellectual mind.

The mystical is the sacred, spiritual space that channels our communication with divine intelligence and the sublime. This communication can be tapped into via a meditative state.

Liquides Imaginaires believes that perfume is a powerful passageway that can instantly connect to memory and imagination and that it even has the ability to reframe our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in an entirely new light, giving us a new perspective on ourselves and the material world that surrounds us.

This connection that fragrance has to tap into our psyche can be a transformative one because it’s potency and power can unlock new ways of connecting to reality and harness insight into what lies in the imagination beyond.

Why Did Liquides Imaginaires Create Mystical Perfumes?

In ancient times, perfume was believed to be a powerful passageway to the divine. Burning incense was not only a sacred ritual whereby Egyptian priests would call in and commune with the gods for spiritual guidance, but incense and perfume were a vehicle to transformation and self-determination. Indeed, the word perfume itself literally translates to “through smoke.”

Liquides Imaginaires created mystical perfumes so that the wearer can use the power of fragrances to uncover the mysteries of nature, and transport themselves to a reality beyond the senses and seek out the sublime imprint of their soul.

Mystical Perfumes: A Background

La M de les parfums m

Toutes les trilogies de parfums de Liquides Imaginaires ont des significations mystiques mêlées à leur corps et à leur essence.

Elles évoquent le voyage sacré, du matériel au spirituel, de différentes manières.

Prenez la trilogie Les Eaux Delà, par exemple. Ou plus précisément en « les eaux de l’au-delà » englobent un pouvoir à la fois émotionnel et sacré. Cette trilogie est imprégnée de sancti (pureté), fortis (protection) et tumultu (séduction sacrée).

De même, la trilogie Les Eaux Sanguines s’inspire du concept des vins sacrés. Les Eaux Imaginaires est une trilogie de parfums qui s’inscrit dans une quête d’imagination et de flux mystique.


The perfumes of Liquides Imaginaires can be seen as a map towards a modern mystical journey that transports the wearer to the innate essence of fragrance but also to the blueprint of their sacred soul. The result is a transformation of the senses and a communion with the higher self.

The History Of Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires is an ethereal fragrance entity that lives in that imagined space between reality and fantasy; light and dark. It lives in a “land” beyond boundaries—beyond the tangible and material world.

It instills an emotion that goes beyond the senses and has the potent ability to transform.

Philippe Di Meo And Liquides Imaginaires

Philippe Di Meo, le founder de Liquides Imaginaires

Understanding the essence of Liquides Imaginaires would be incomplete without delving into the artistic inspiration of Philippe Di Meo.

It was Philippe’s insatiable curiosity coupled with his adoration of the aquatic that compelled him to conceive of Liquides Imaginaires as more than a brand, and even narrative, but also as an entity unto itself.

Philippe has designed for high names in the art and fashion realms such as Baccarat, Jean Paul Gautier, and others. Phillippe isn’t one to be shackled by boundaries in the creative process.

His first inclination isn’t to sketch but to write. Perfume is literature. In his own words:

“If perfume has this ability to fix a precious memory forever; to share an intimate pleasure, or celebrate a sacred ritual, it also has the ability to pass from the shade to the light, to be at the same time the potion and the antidote. It lifts us up, projects us, bewitches us, and can heighten our awareness.”

Phillipe’s artistic direction lies in navigating the orchestration of both ideas and people with a narrative that is rife with symbolism.

Curiosity and intuition are from which all concepts are born. Conversely, perfume is a reflection on the future and not the past: it’s all about how you want —and subconsciously long—to feel.

How Did Liquides Imaginaires Start?

The idea for Liquides Imaginaires first materialized in October 2011 at Paris Design Week when Philippe felt the desire to resurrect the origins of perfumery.

He was given a blank canvas and he felt a stirring to create fragrance out of L’Eau Bénite—or in English—holy water.

His quest was to tap into the spiritual dimension to resurrect a glamorous genesis that revolved around the ancient concept of communicating with the Gods.

Over time and with the collaboration of co-founder David Frossard, the endeavor evolved to embody the divine trilogy of virtues.

The Essence of Liquides Imaginaires Explained

Combined, all three elements encapsulate the fragrances with an emotional essence that is enlightening and exquisitely powerful. Together they are elevated to an entity that surpasses perfume to a mystique that is other-worldly and sensually sublime.

Liquides Imaginaires are perfumes that are poetry in motion—the enveloping smoke swirling and surrounding the wearer to collide and carry them to a vibration that surpasses the physical realm.

The liquid matter is the doorway to an odyssey that has origins in ancient times but synergizes itself to the present to take on an entirely new future—one that is exciting and mysterious, but also more in essence with who we are becoming.

It is a new story, a new journey, and an entirely new way of existing. The fragrances pay tribute to old legends, but the lyrics tell a new story and foreshadow a new future.

What Is Perfume Through Smoke?

Le parfum a travers le fumee

The word perfume comes from the Latin word perfumum, which literally translates to “through smoke”.

Incense and oils were burned as a way to communicate with the gods and the sublime aroma was believed to call out to them through the mysterious channel of smoke.

Ancient Egyptian priests partook in this temple practice three times a day—using frankincense at dawn, myrrh at midday, and kyphi at dusk—to honor and commune with their gods.

Liquides Imaginaires pays tribute to this particular perfume story because it’s in the conceptual story of perfume that we can understand its past and bring forth its relevance to the present.

What Is The Talisman ?

Qu’est-ce que le Talisman ?

The meaning behind the perfume is represented by the Talisman—the key that unlocks the imaginary world. Our talisman holds magical power; it is symbolic and mysterious. It is about exploration.

The Talisman is a pendulum of opposites. The opposites are contrasting but complementary. An attraction of the masculine and feminine.

What’s Behind The Trilogy ?

La trilogie de Liquides Imaginaires

The Talisman has three pillars or trilogy of fragrances. Every trilogy has three fragrances. The three pillars located at the bottom of the talisman are represented in a story.

Each fragrance is comprised of a trilogy and each story is represented by three fragrances and thus three heroes and three different emotions.

The trilogy is about transformation in a fluid and emotional fashion. It instigates new ways to to take in the current reality and steps into the psychological playground of the imagination.

We access the imagination by staying true to the origin of perfumery.

Liquides Imaginaires Trilogies

The trilogies symbolize a reflection of dynamically opposing forces. There is the profane to the sacred; the flesh to the spirit; and finally, shadow to the light.

Liquides Imaginaires comprises eight trilogies. There are 23 fragrances and one limited edition fragrance.

  • Les Eaux Delà – this translates to the “waters beyond.” These fragrances hold a great emotional and sacred power and are composed of three components: Sancti (purity); Fortis (protections); Tumultu (seduction).
  • Les Eaux Sanguines – refers to “bloody waters”. This trilogy takes inspiration from holy wines. It is composed of Dom Rosa (pink champagne); Bloody wood or Grand Cru Bourgeois, and Bello Rabelo.
  • Les Eaux Imaginaires or the Imaginary Waters is the trilogy that will take you on a journey of imagination and mystical flow. It is comprised of Ile Pourpre (Purple Island); Fleuve Tendre (Tender River); and Désert Suave (Sweet Desert).
  • Les Eaux De L’Ame translates to the Water of the Soul and refers to the passions that drive the artist and how he or she shares it with the world. This trilogy is comprised of Beauté du Diable (Beauty of the Devil) and is all about self portraits and your own reflection.
  • Les Eaux De L’Est refers to the Water of the East and represents a trio of stories that are a tribute to the East. It is made up of everything that represents the wind: Fleur de Sable (Flower of the Sand); Tapis Volant (The Flying Carpet); and Buveur De Vent (Wind Drinker).
  • Les Humeurs refers to The Moods and symbolizes the power of perfume to heighten, balance, and evoke our emotions. This trilogy pays tribute to the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates. This trilogy is composed of Lacrima (Water of the Eyes); Melancolia (Water of the Spirit); and Phantasma (Water of the Lips).
  • Les Eaux De Peau – this refers to what is known as the Skin Waters. It is about the fusion of the human and animal worlds. This trilogy comprises Peau de Béte (the skin of the beast); Béte Humaine (human beast); and Blanche Béte (the white beast).
  • Les Eaux Des Bermudes which means the Collective Odyssey. This trilogy is an ode to the legends of sea adventures from the odyssey of Ulysses to Shakespeare’s Prospero. It is composed of Sirenis, Navis, and Abyssis.

The Transformative Power Of Perfume

The transformative power of perfume allows the wearer to break open the confines to liberated creativity. It allows us to explore and discover what lies beyond the senses, and how we can channel what we learn to elevate the lives we’re living.

This is where the original conception of perfume is uplifted into its most exciting and sensual nature and used as a vehicle for seduction and self-consciousness.

It invites us to envision perfume past the allure of beauty. It is in this mode that the true power of perfume is unleashed.


Liquides Imaginaires is a portal to enter the sublime world of perfumery to immerse in its ancient origin, and give the divine essences new life in the present time.

The result is a series of re-birth fragrances will carry you to a new future that is more in tune with our higher emotional selves.

The eight trilogies (as well as the limited edition) present many perfumed paths for everyone’s unique and individual journey.